Innovation Teams 2022


Discover the Innovation Teams funded in 2022!

Open innovation
Fresh Water Farms
Aquaponic systems promoting circular economy. Aquaponic systems as an economic development tool to promote decarbonization.
Sustainable Mountains

A unique process and methodology in the “Sustainable Mountains” program to drive social innovation.

Smart Ski Resort
The establishment of Renewable Energy Production by Ski Resorts (Ski resort facilities for the generation of decentralized renewable energy) will be triggered by this proposal
Automated carbon footprint for SME’s

The solution is to provide Swiss SMEs with an automated dashboard of their carbon footprint. 


Redefining the mobility of a municipality or a state by using an adhoc open source visual collective intelligence software that allows citizens and authorities to co-imagine the future together.

Washing and reuse of wine bottles

Our mission is to recycle and give a second life to textile waste by creating design, acoustic and quality products for our customers.

Rallye Multimodal

If you want to use public transport, you have to take the time to discover the network map. The multimodal rally is a fun way to support companies in their transition to low-carbon mobility. 

Transition Today

Transition Today is a phygital tool that helps students, citizens, public authorities and companies to understand the energy transition’s challenges


InSituStreTech project is developing a new and innovative in-situ stress measurement technology specifically designed to function within the harsh environments encountered in deep underground.


Publicellar wants to create innovation in universities where sustainable practices & behaviour are institutionalised in universities related to energy use, CO2 emission


Blocsy is a ‘loops within loops’ circular approach to furniture. We aim to build local partnerships through the whole value chain.


Our idea is to make children’s way to school playful and consequently to decrease the number of children who go to school by car accompanied by their parents.O 


With our « Energy Kiosk » we communicate the vision, visualize data, enable citizens to participate, and accelerate the energy transition fulfilling the federal governmental requirements for Swiss communities.

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