Energy Living LaB Association

Co-designing an energy decarbonized and desirable future.

WHo We are?

Two complementary entities

Energy Living Lab @HES-SO

Main activities: Research & Development

The HES-SO research team works on applied research, methods and tools to further develop the knowledge on applying Living Lab methods in the energy field. Designing research projects, publishing scientific articles, developing a network of researchers, teaching living labs, open innovation and social innovation are our main activities within the Energy Living Lab @HES-SO.

Energy Living Lab Association

Main activities: Scale-up & Dissemination

The Energy Living Lab Association (ELLA) has been created in 2020 as a spin-off to replicate, disseminate and communicate living lab approaches in the energy field. It supports an ecosystem of actors in using the methods and tools and invites People & Institutions from the Public, Private, Governmental, Academic sector and civil society to co-design solutions for Energy Decarbonisation

What we offer

Our main services

& Methods
Project development
& coordination
to community
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What are the benefits?

Contributing members have access to :

  • services offered by the Energy Living Lab Association
  • mandates issued by the association and may participate in mandates via the association for a third party
  • our network, which includes experts, private and public bodies and academic organisations in CH and EU
  • events organised by the association
  • our Capacity Building Programme
  • national and international R&D projects

What are the requirements?

Each member has to pay an annual contribution of CHF 100 per year (CHF 50 for students, unemployed people, pensioners).

A percentage of the total invoiced amount of mandates carried out through ELLA is deducted to cover administrative and quality control management costs.

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