Project details

2022 - 2029

Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE

10 Mio

Research Project

SWEET Lantern is a research project sponsored by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy’s “SWEET” programme (Call 1-2021) and hosted by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO Valais-Wallis)

Our objectives are to anticipate and experiment…

New ways of living and working in a participative way for a low-emission, user-empowered, resource-efficient Switzerland, through applied research at the interface of markets, technology, policies and society.

Co-design research and solutions together with key stakeholders (energy providers, consumers, private companies, public authorities, NGOs, etc.).

Change actors’ practices, markets and institutions, as well as technical environments.

Boost the energy transition by fostering renewable energy, energy efficiency and sufficiency.

Our consortium

The Lantern consortium adopts a participative governance approach, based on autonomy, transparency, feeling and responding to change, and human interactions at the core.

Coordination is key in the participative governance as we follow the principles of self-managed organisations.

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