CAD Givrins

Project details

2019 - 2021

La commune de Givrins (VD)



Study of distance heating in the commune of Givrins (VD)

The Energy Living Lab facilitated two citizen workshops to involve stakeholders and especially citizens in the development of solutions for the future of district heating. A presentation of different potential clients for the future of DHC was then made. 

Prior to this, a dozen qualitative semi-directive interviews were conducted with potential owners and customers in order to understand their relationship with DAC; their obstacles and barriers, as well as their motivations with regard to this energy solution. Various expert interviews were conducted to propose alternatives and assistance in the implementation of this solution.

Main tasks:

  • Determine the ins and outs of the communal DAC.
  • Analysis of the current state
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Presentation of the solution to the local council

Project Partners

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