Innovation Teams 2023


Discover the Innovation Teams funded in 2023!

Open innovation

A Swiss platform offering more responsible alternatives in the European short-stay travel market.

Terra Pretta

Making Latin American smallholder farmers our climate heroes through biochar and connect them to Switzerland. 


Decarbonising the wine industry by capturing CO2 from wine fermentation at winemakers’ sites, for reuse in a circular way.

Sugar Cup

The online platform for the neighborhood to foster circular economy and the repair ecosystem in Zürich!


Collecting and upcycling used puffs, recovering lithium batteries to create powerbanks and a more circular world.

Tex Up

Our mission is to recycle and give a second life to textile waste by creating design, acoustic and quality products for our customers.

Fill The Truck

 The objective is to create a platform allowing to connect a customer with a carrier who would have space in a truck making a similar journey.

Flow Hemp

Our mission is to promote farming that is more respectful of the environment, and discover our range of quality hemp-based products.

One Loop

Oneloop is an innovative ecological initiative that transforms used hotel linen into sewing thread to create sustainable and ethical clothing.


We will develop and implement participatory tools built on inter- and transdisciplinary for solar energy communities for promoting practices collectively.

Cirkel Supply Co.

Cirkel Supply Co. specialise in outdoor rental, helping society to buy less, use more, and go explore. Let’s work on the summer rental!

La Rebletzerie

At La Rebletzerie, we work with materials that have already lived. Whether it’s offcuts or textile accessories no longer in use

FabRégion Sion

We would like to offer a sustainable alternative to SMEs in the Sion region to prototype and test new products based on recycled and/or bio based plastic.

Grensol AG

Reshape Plastic Waste Management, paving the way for a sustainable, circular economy, and drastically reducing the carbon footprint associated with plastic production and disposal.

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