13 Innovation Teams funded in 2021


The NTN Innovation Booster Living Labs for Decarbonisation is proud to announce that 5 new Innovation Teams have been selected by our innovation committee and will receive funding to develop their ideas in energy efficiency, mobility, circular economy and digitalisation. These Innovation Teams are all committed to co-designing solutions to impact decarbonisation in Switzerland. These 5 new Innovation Teams allow the NTN Innovation Booster Living Labs for Decarbonisation to reach their objectives of 13 co-funded projects in 2021 for a total of CHF 243’764.-

Discover the ideas selected for funding for on average CHF 18’000 each by the committee. The objective of this funding is to support the development of ideas using design-thinking methods and tools through a network of Living Labs. These innovation teams will be supported by the Living Labs in Lausanne (Red Lab) and Geneva (Syntezia). The ideas have been selected based on their decarbonation potential as well as on other criteria such as their team and their radicality.

Flowergy, (Red Lab) – District heating is part of the solution to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and is a central element of the 2050 energy strategy. The heat from a district heating system comes from renewable energy sources or waste heat, which emit significantly less CO2 than fossil energy sources such as gas or oil. However, the potential of district heating systems is far from being fully exploited. The solution proposed by Flowergy is to develop a dynamic pricing tool for district heating.

CADATA, (Red Lab)– District heating is one of the most efficient ways for municipalities to help homeowners move away from fossil fuels. CADATA want to provide municipalities with a platform that will allow them to collect relevant data for territorial energy planning and define the potential of a new district heating network or new extensions by time priority.

Florganic, (Red Lab) A conventional fertilizer emitts about 4.3 kg of CO2 per kg of fertiliser produced. A first estimation shows that the carbon footprint of Florganic is lower. Furthermore, Florganic’s efficiency is proven by its high Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium (NPK) content and its potential to nourish the soil, making it likely to be more fertile in the long term than other fertilizers. Three axes will be developed with this idea; development of the product on the scale of the French-speaking part of Switzerland, development of additional products and capture of the CO2 resulting from the production of biogas.

Intellsol, (Syntezia) This idea aims to decarbonise Switzerland by providing access to affordable green energy both in Switzerland & emerging markets. Intellsol is a Swiss company founded in 2021 by experienced professionals, who have developed the Energy Transition Accelerator Model (ETAM) to effectively deploy PV residential technology. ETAM enables clean energy production while creating economic, societal, and financial benefits for all participants in a unique ecosystem. ETAM provides a new solution to address the barriers and constraints for deploying PV residential technologies. Based on the ecosystem business model where value is co-created, ETAM provides a solution by addressing economic, behavioral, technology and country drivers.

YAKbike, (Syntezia) The logistics of the last mile are a constraint for craftsmen, deliverymen and all trades that have to operate in city centres. Traffic in the city is increasingly restrictive in terms of time, traffic jams, air and noise pollution, parking, fines, vehicle maintenance costs, environmental traffic restrictions. The solution: YAKbike with the capacity to carry 450 kg on a bike path with enough autonomy for a day’s work. Shematic would like to offer professionals a three-wheeled vehicle adapted to their needs, as a replacement for their Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV). A turnkey bike that combines sobriety, efficiency, durability, and performance with a great autonomy to increase productivity in the Swiss smart cities.

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