How to accelerate the transition in the carbon intensive transportation industry ?


The hydrogen industry is changing scale and long-distance mobility using green hydrogen is becoming a key sector. Decarbonated hydrogen produced from renewable energies by 2030, Buses and trucks, but also ships and airplanes are the sectors that have the most difficulty in doing without fossil fuels.

Hydrogen has two advantages over battery-powered trucks: greater autonomy and shorter recharge time.

Recharging a hydrogen truck takes nearly forty times less time than recharging a battery. Hydrogen trucks also have twice the range of battery trucks.

We are therefore talking about medium- to long-distance trucks: fuel cells provide a range of about 800 km. In comparison, battery-powered trucks can travel 350 to 400 km at a time, while diesel-powered trucks can travel up to 4,500 km. The advantages of hydrogen have been known for several decades, but the main obstacle is the price.

Does this price already allow freight and passenger transport operators to find their economic balance? The price of hydrogen leaving the station could drop in the future.

Any challenges? Yes, 4.5 times the price of a diesel truck for the fuel cell alone

While lowering the price of hydrogen is central to getting the industry off the ground, the costs of manufacturing vehicles, fuel cells and their components, as well as maintenance, are other levers that industry players are trying to use to reduce total costs. But there is still a long way to go to achieve this ambition. Fuel cell prototype? Healthier alternatives? Fuel cell manufacturers are aware of the need to drastically lower their prices for the hydrogen truck market to emerge.
Hydrogen buses more advanced? The hydrogen bus industry is more mature than the truck industry. It is automation and massification that will enable the sector to take off. We need to move from the demonstration phase to the deployment phase.

If your ideas help accelerate the transition to this less carbon-intensive long-distance mobility, this campaign is for you !

Here is the direct link to access this campaign.

We look forward to interacting with you on your ideas.

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