Official launch of our open innovation platform


The Energy Living Lab Association and the NTN IB Living Labs for Decarbonisation project are excited to announce the launch of the NTN Open Innovation Platform in collaboration with the other NTN Innovation Booster and supported by Innosuisse. The objective of the platform is to gather different actors from research, business and citizens around different themes in order to develop interdisciplinary innovation teams.

The vision of the Energy Living Lab association is to support idea holders and project teams in the complex process from ideation to implementation. Our community will give you access to experts from different fields of the decarbonisation and innovation world, feedbacks but also the possibility to access funds allocated by Innosuisse. How do you get involved?  By following the steps described below.

If you want to be part of the world-changers of tomorrow, join our community and become an innovator by submitting ideas to

Link : Innovation Plattform


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