Red Lab: 3 days 100% digital, 14 decarbonisation ideas


The red lab was successfully completed after a 3-day 100% digital ideation process with 62 participants.

The aim of this annual programme, which encourages the creation of collaborative and innovative projects, is to reinvent the energy system using data.


This year, the working groups tried to innovate and bring solutions to the following 5 issues

  1. Energy and climate policies: What tools should be used to support the implementation and monitoring of energy and climate policy strategies (municipal/cantonal climate plan)?
  2. Consumers: What information for what communication and what services for large and medium consumers to help them reduce their energy impact?
  3. Heat networks: How can district heating (and cooling) be integrated into territorial energy planning, including management and development?
  4. Collaboration: What information and incentive processes to generate collaboration between local actors to carry out innovative projects?
  5. Citizen behaviour: What information can be made available to which citizens and stakeholders, and how, to influence their behaviour in the long term?


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