First 3 innovation teams funded by the program NTN Innovation Booster Living Labs for Decarbonisation


Within the framework of the program supported by Innosuisse, a first batch of Innovation Teams have been selected by our innovation committee. These Innovation Teams are all committed to innovate and impact decarbonation in Switzerland.

Discover in a few words the projects selected by the committee for a funding of about CHF 18’000. The objective of these funds is to explore opportunities and markets in different fields. The projects have been selected based on their decarbonation potential as well as on other criteria such as the team or the innovation.

  • Decarbonization of trail running apparel with Revario supported by Lab Antigaspi and sponsored by Loyco.

Revario is a company that offers sustainable and Swiss-made trail running apparel. The products are made from recycled materials (nylon from ghost fishing nets and polyester from post-consumer recycled PET). Now, in order to satisfy the demand of eco-conscious runners, Revario looking to develop a more technical equipment: a waterproof trail jacket.

  • Solarity supported by Red Lab and sponsored by the commune of Ecublens, the DGE, DIREN and the Department of Environment and Safety

Solarity aims to build a network of free willing citizens who want to share their knowledge and experience with solar installations: the « Ambassadors » . They could be people owning solar panels or simply passionate in the field. This network will be used as a resource to help other citizens in their first step towards the installation. Solarity’s objectives and challenges will be to recruit the ambassadors and support them by providing all the pertinent information they need or organizing social events to encourage them.

  • La Cité du Partage supported by Red Lab sponsored by the DGE, DIREN and the Department of Environment and Safety

La cité du partage is a community of testers allowing the academic world to have access to excellent quality data to promote research in the field of energy consumption. It is based on the principle of voluntariness by proposing to the citizen to put his consumption data at the disposal of research. On the one hand, this is consumption information directly from their smart meter and, on the other hand, information from a questionnaire allowing the identification of the consumer’s profile. In exchange, the citizen receives various information allowing him to compare himself to other consumers with a similar profile, with information on his potential to reduce energy consumption and has the possibility to participate in various research (and therefore to access the results).

Two of these ideas came out of an Open Lab Day organized by the Red Lab. These projects will be presented in more detail on our social networks in the coming weeks. We will accompany the innovation teams in this innovation process, and we are already looking forward to the results of their projects.

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