First two innovation teams funded in 2022 for NTN Innovation Booster Living Labs for Decarbonisation


The NTN Innovation Booster Living Labs for Decarbonisation is proud to announce that 2 new Innovation Teams have been selected by our innovation committee and will receive funding to develop their ideas. These Innovation Teams are committed to innovate and impact decarbonation in Switzerland.

Discover in a few words the ideas selected by the committee for a funding. The objective of these funds is to explore opportunities and markets in different fields. The ideas have been selected based on their decarbonation potential as well as on other criteria such as their team or their radicality. 

Fresh Water Farms Europe supported by Living Lab Syntezia in Geneva – The idea consists of the construction of an Aquaponic systems prototype of 40 m2 specifically designed to be adaptable to urban and peri-urban areas, promoting local economy, sustainability and decarbonization, saving high amounts of carbon emissions and avoiding transportation of seafood and agri-food over large distances. More information on their video: 

Go to Vimeo

The Sustainable Mountains Programme is supported by Red Lab in Lausanne –  Ski stations suffer from a lack of new initiatives in sustainability. With “Sustainable Mountains” we want to act now for tomorrow’s tourism and ensure people will still be able to come skiing in 20 years. The ski stations need to be supported in the implementation of new actions. Using a Living Lab Approach the program will guide the ski station through the achievements of new socially innovative actions in energy, water and mobility tested in a real-life environment. The station of Porte du Soleil will co-design and test the initiatives. The station will be able to get the “Swisstainable” label to recognize and communicate about their achievements. The “program’s community” will allow them to gather experiences and share learnings and good practices giving the potential for a snowball effect among the ski stations through sharing good and innovative practices and driving competition and delivering economic, social and environmental value. 

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