National Open Innovation Camp 2022


The National Open Innovation Camp 2022 has taken place in Lugano on the 18, 19 and 20 September. This event was organised in partnership by the Innovation Booster Living Labs for Decarbonisation, Lugano Living Lab, the Innovation Booster Swiss Smart Cities, SUPSI and USI. 

Day 1 – Institutional Greetings and Gala Dinner

After a warm welcome by local actors and politicians. Joëlle Mastelic and Stephan Haller presented the objective and vision of the Innovation Booster. Tuija Hirvikoski introduced the topic of open innovation by showing examples of radical innovation in Helsinki. The official part then ended with the presentation of the Open Innovation Map, a tool to visualize open innovation actors in Switzerland that was developed by Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI) and presented by Albedo Bettini.

Day 2 – Innovation Team’s pitches & workshops

After an intense morning has just ended at the National Innovation Camp 2022. The day started with an introduction by Fiona Zimmermann and Elena Marchiori on the values and methods behind Living Labs. 

Then we highlighted the different projects funded in the Innovation Booster programme in a pitch session. Congratulations to the different innovators for the progress in their project. 

The afternoon was busy with many workshops led by different actors presenting tools, methods, or examples of open innovation. Thanks again to all the actors present for their contribution to this event. The afternoon was also marked by different talks demonstrating the possibility that different spheres can collaborate and move forward together. 

Finally, we were inspired by the intervention of Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino, presenting the history of his company. An intervention full of experience and examples highlighting the importance of open innovation in entrepreneurship. 

Day 3 – Radical Innovation & workshops 

Our last day started with an introduction to the Innovation Booster programme powered by Innosuisse. Then we had a talk and a workshop on radical innovation by Jean-Philippe Hagmann. Other sessions were held in parallel on the future funding of our innovation teams and the design of a serious game.

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