E4Citizens, the serious game you need!


Our team works with research projects and the development of innovative solutions, as well as developing collaborative tools. One of these tools is a serious game, E4Citizens, which helps to engage and empower the actors of the energy transition.

Step 1 – Birth of a concept

The first version of the maps was developed within the framework of the research project and then tested in collaboration with ENOKI during a thematic meeting on energy of inhabitants of the quartier de Gruvatiez. The objective was to develop an interactive and playful tool in order to sensitize the actors to the energy stakes and thus co-create an action plan. Then, the maps were adapted according to the specific uses and improved at the level of the graphics.

Step 2 – Development of a gamified tool

The next challenge was to make the cards more interactive and collaborative by adding gamification elements. In collaboration with an experience design expert, our team developed a version of the E4Citizens card game with the goal of initiating discussions and collaboration around greener energy practices within local communities.

The E4Citizens game invites participants to discover the city of Energypolis with several elements of urban infrastructure and propose their ideas by combining the Action + Actor + Domain cards. Being a team game, E4Citizens encourages collaboration and co-design of solutions to energy issues.

Step 3 – Testing a new project

Over the last few months, our team has been meeting with participants at various events to co-develop E4Citizens. It could be tested during the National Open Innovation Camp in Lugano, then in Turin during the Open Living Lab Days’22. E4Citizens was also presented at the Journée romande des directeurs et cadres d’AES in Montreux and the Play Camp in Geneva. We also had the chance to facilitate E4Citizens with teams from EU H2020 research projects oPEN Lab and SCORE, as well as with professors and students from the HES-SO Valais-Wallis.

Thanks to the relevant feedback from the participants, our team was able to complete the game and make it even more interactive.

Step 4 – Promotion & Dissemination of E4Citizens

The larger idea of this project is to develop a series of gamified workshops of which a game is only an introductory part. Then, participants will have the chance to choose one of the scenarios: to create an action plan by transforming their ideas into concrete actions; to work on the ecosystem of stakeholders; to adapt the game to their current projects and to reflect on issues specific to their field of activity.

We invite you to develop E4Citizens together! 

To join us on the journey towards energy transition or use this game with your audience, you can:

  •  Contact us at info@energylivinglab.com to be informed of the project’s progress;
  • Talk about it around you to support our project;
  • Invite our team to facilitate the E4Citizens gamified workshop;
  • Use E4Citizens with your audience by becoming a certified facilitator (coming soon).

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